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Here you will find some fun tidbits about the world of Hydra’s Wake, a few of the primary characters, the setting, and outside worldbuilding. There aren’t any real spoilers here. So, check out Hydra’s Wake for the best bits. 

Two Planets, one World.

Long ago the world of Yeraputs was formed when two planets collided. The event left the original planet damaged, but not destroyed. The planet was reshaped into a shell and orbits the world that hit it from deep space. Both planets share an atmosphere and life flourishes on each. The outer planet Shell is bowl shaped and orbits around the spherical Heart. They also share an atmosphere, allowing flying creatures and airships to travel between the two.  Humanity is found predominantly on Heart, and uses Shell to provide agriculture, resources, and heavy industry.

Inner Shell is the region of Shell that is always facing Heart. Daily eclipses only allow for a few fleeting hours of light in the central region. The Deep Forest is in the middle of Inner Shell and is where the events of Hydra’s Wake take place. The area only hosts seasonal human populations due to the Hydra. A massive company called The Mining Conglomerate has set up a series of mining camps in the forest to harvest the rich resources. 




The Mining Conglomerate


The Mining Conglomerate is a massive industrial organization that operates on Shell. They harvest a majority of the raw materials used by all of yeraputs. Their site in the Deep Forest region is in the Tor Rift Valley. Known for producing phosphorus compounds in enormous quantity and excavates fine quality gemstones.
Due to the presence of the Four-Headed Hydra, the mining camps are abandoned until the Hydra hibernates. During which time they work hard to maximize their window of productivity.




Rogue Whip’s Tradewinds Crossing


Rogue Whip’s Tradewinds Crossing is a specialist transport Company. Got something Fragile, Valuable, or requires strict protocols for transporting? We are the definition of Special Delivery! Our Dirigibles are capable of crossing the gravity gap directly between Heart and Shell with minimal impact from the turbulence. Our team of pilots have over 120 years of flying experience between us. Visit our office in Acinvar and let us know how we can serve you!

Rogue Whip is the owner of a specialty goods transportation company. Taking on some of the most difficult transportation jobs in Yeraputs. He is an ace pilot with a can-do attitude and always alert to his situations. Calm in the face of adversity and reliable.




Mine Camp Tor

The location of Hydra’s Wake.
Inner Shell: Tor Rift Valley: Deep Forest Biome

Is well known for its two operations, the phosphorous mine and gemstone mine. The phosphorous mine leads to a massive open pit mine under the surface of the cliffs surrounding the valley and is a current financial powerhouse for Mine Camp Tor. Historically, the camp was founded on its gemstone mine, which is vast and has over 800 miles of mine tunnels, and is one of the oldest mining operations on record, and still turns out considerable profits yielding varieties of precious gems. 






Rogue Whip

Professional airship pilot and owner of his own shipping company. He grew up in the mega city of Acinvar and got his pilot’s license early on with a desire to travel all over Yeraputs. In his youth he participated in scouting and has a fascination with wildlife. He is known to fly into rough terrain and push the limits of anything that flies in terms of where he can take them, and where he can land them. From erupting volcanoes to narrow canyons, he has the experience to get where few can safely. 

Age: 33
Height: 6’0″
Last seen in route to outer Shell delivering a highly sensitive shipment for The Mining Conglomerate. His airship is behind schedule.



Lord Albert Richtoff

A sadistic torturer who takes jobs from governments and powerful agencies to make people disappear. Formerly he was an accomplished medical inventor before a high-profile failure chased him to seek protection. Discovering that he can become far more powerful using his knowledge for personal gain in the process. All entities deny doing business with him, but his services are in demand from most political parties in Yeraputs.

Age: 72
Height: 5’7″
Status unknown. Last public action was a bid to field test a piece of military hardware.



Crystal Whip

Daughter of a Lotus Island Spy by the name of Rogue Whip. Born mute, her life has been full of challenges.

Age: 27
Height: 5’10”
Missing for over a year after a very public kidnapping by unknown individuals.



Hunter Smith

Gun for hire often recruited by Lord Albert for his manhunting skillset. A grizzled outlaw and bandit who has seen his fair share of adversity. Determined and dedicated to a point. Hunter has been an integral in the success of dealing with spies when Albert needs one captured.

Age: 54
Height: 6’3″
Status unknown, many law enforcement agencies would like him captured.



Fireteam Dark

Lord Albert’s personal guard and bounty hunting team. He usually lets them know where he is going and has them come when he does not return from the field for a set amount of time. These men are paid well enough to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by their employer. Most are hired out of military forces from all over Yeraputs. While not an elite team by any measure, they are among the best equipped and efficient in providing Albert with the tactical means to carry out any manhunt he’s assigned. They were last known to be on standby for Lord Albert.

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