This project has been really fun to write, and I want to know what the world thinks of my story. As an author I am always open to hearing feedback. The Self-Publishing Road is a tough one that takes a lot of effort and I also enjoy sharing my experience with others. I am also happy to field questions about the story as spoiler free as I can. Take the time to check out the social medias, there’s a lot to see there. You can contact me through any means.

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This journey as a self-published author is one that I am proud of, and hope can inspire others. With the ever-evolving technology in our world the way we tell stories and get creative has changed. Not just with the advents of film, radio, TV, and video games. Writing has changed just as much as with the other mediums.  And with the internet, our world is more connected than ever.

Self-publishing is no longer a second-rate method to get out there.  Many amazing and worthwhile stories have become accessible thanks to the new ways we can put them out there. To all of those on your journey, I wish you the best. And to our readers, I ask you take just one moment to consider the imagination that you have enjoyed thanks to the awesome power of self-publishing. 

If you are reading this spot, I guess I should reward you. There are more novels coming. The next one will be called Frost Wake and it is expected to arrive in late summer, early fall 2023!